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solo exhibiton | Two Arcs Art Space, Yerevan, Armenia | 26.3. - 10.4.2022

“You’ve got a way ahead” is a common phrase one would be told during coffee cup fortune readings, which have historically been a unique part of our culture. The way a fortune reader tries to identify images and find hidden messages in the arbitrary cracks and cavities of leftover grounds might as well be an alternative key for “reading” the abstract art suggested by Hrachya Vardanyan.

The two series presented at the exhibition, “Night of Light” and “Nodes of Orientation”, share a similar idea of finding the metaphorical light to fire a path in the dark, which can lead to new states of awareness and perception. The paintings call for the viewer to play a game of fortune telling of their own and uncover concealed ideas and possible paths.

For Vardanyan, this symbolical path lies through an installation artwork titled “crack{s}”, which will be presented at the European Cultural Center in parallel with the 2022 Venice Biennale and is a composite of two artworks from the series mentioned above.

This exhibition is an invitation for the viewer to support the way ahead, become a part of the journey of bringing Armenian art into new realms, and make the fortune telling become true.

Vernissage 26.3.2022, 4 pm (UTC +4) | Two Arcs Art Space | Yerevan, Sayat-Nova 5

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