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The Hierarchies of Seating

As well as “Dogfightings“ the project “Chairs” was realized during 20008, the time when the political elections were ongoing in Armenia. Chair is symbolizing the goal, desire and the vision of humans as well as organized groups to gain. The chairs are the reason for their effort, the goal of what they are fighting for and what they see as an undeniable ground for the identity they are striving for as their „right!“. But the fact is, that the state of the chairman is only a permanent sit in order of serving function.

Likewise the napkin and the idea of toilette seat are meaningful in their permanency. Colorful napkins are used for the series of “Chairs” drawings to be printed on.

Title: Dogs Come together Around A Chair

Year: 2008

Measures: 30 x 42 cm

Material: Ink on Paper

Courtesy of artist

Title: Chairs | Edition

Year: 2008

Measures: 21 x 21cm

Material: Print on Yellow Napkin

Courtesy of Artist

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