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Path of Breathing

Perceiving Donegal Landscapes by Inhale

In its symbolic structure, this work was realized as a body, which is able to perceive the transforming space, where the mythically sacred land Donegal (Ireland) was revealing itself.

The artist, as landscape observer, was relying onto the sense of inside-outside-oneness: every single motion of Nature is my embodied motion; every single growth of Nature is my own growth.

The presence of the iconic Mount Errigal, which was as the Axis Mundi and Tree of Life of that area, enriched the visual realizations through breathing. Inhaling, the deep breathing act was the artists media to observe and perceive the space: through the “widely shut eyes” and inhaling with the whole body the oneness of inner world and outer reality emerged. The works of this series are artifacts of this united landscapes.

This series of paintings on paper in its origin was realized as a book-project, but the pages were spread and shown through the artist’s solo and group exhibitions with no binding as a book.

Title: Path of Breathing | Series

Year: 2012

Measures: 45 x 100 cm

Material: Mixed media and etching ink on paper

Courtesy of artist

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