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Path of Seeing

Landscape perceptions

Eye phenomena as a threshold to the abstraction.

Through opened eyes vision goes further as the water flows out of its source and as the light flashes out, everywhere….

When the eyes get closed, the process of further flow stops, but the reverse mode of incorporating the vision starts, inward flash takes its place and the waters come to the awareness of their origin.

Through closed eyes a backward journey of the vision observes the inner landscapes and co-relate with outer ones, but still released.

Realization of abstraction is in here.


The used technique 'paintings inside the paper' is named by the artist because of the non-perceivable texture on the surface. Glossy, photo related paper is swallowing the paint as, in the perception process of capturing the vision, the information as a potential goes within the paper and is kept within.

Title: “Path of Seeing” | series

Measures: 64 x 90

Material: Etching ink on paper

Courtesy of Artist and Private collections

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