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The return of the dragon carpet

“The Return of The Dragon Carpet” project started with artist’s brother Avetik Vardanyan, architect, in 2013 and firstly performed in Aruch St, Gregor church.

It was the result of the personal narrative’s reflection within the inherited cultural landscape. The goal of the project was to intertwine ancient artifacts of heritage and the contemporary artists’ work.


Mixed media on canvas

192 cm x 145 cm


Courtesy of Private Collection

The conceptional approach of “The Return of The Dragon carpet” refers to the dragon as a mythological figure, which has various embodiments and significant mission in the wholeness of Armenian culture: dragon stones, dragon carpets, presence in decorative arts and an irreplaceable role in fairytales and fables. As well as inherited artifacts coming from pre-historic time, depict the act of creation as an iconographic object. Different symbols can be found in the imagery, as traditionally they were conserved in there.

The Vardanyan brothers use these symbols and narratives interwoven in artistic media for creation becoming a tissue, that refers to the one source of creation by working through to cultural landscape between determination and inspiration. In this project the brothers applied to dragon stones (wishapaqar) and dragon carpets (wishapagorg), while trying to reveal that stones’ and carpets’ today’s visualizations.

Dragon Carpet

Mixed media on canvas

170 cm x 190 cm



Mixed media on canvas

167 cm x 197 cm


Cross Formation | 2015 | 178 x 178 cm | Mixed media on Canvas | Courtesy of Private Collection

Exhibition image: in Museum St. Peter/Sperr, Wiener Neustadt

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