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Venice European Heritage Days

The Gallery Of Mariam And Yeranuhi Aslamazyan Sisters, Gyumri, Armenia

25.09.2021 - 26.09.2021

The island city of Venice was a link for the development of world art of different periods, to unite the cultures of that period, trying not to isolate the problems of different time layers, but to promote the conditions for the accumulation of art potential and cultural vitality.

The scope of the exhibition is that we travel with artists from different walks of life who have been well versed in ensuring the development of Western art. The "exhibition journey" begins with the interpretation of the visit of the 20th century Soviet-Armenian artist Yeranuhi Aslamazyan to Venice, which was created and will continue in 2021. A picture of a three-dimensional abstract work entitled "Borders and Skin" in a philosophical way, which will lead to the thoughtful music of Hooper Persia, through which we will be transported to St. Lazarus Island, which was presented in 2011 at the Venice Biennale International Festival. The last stop of the journey is the personal cinema of the Dutch artist Jan Doms, from where the invisible becomes visible.

By going deeply within, the border occurs to be an interface to the next state: experiencing skin, body and home as space equivalents through ‘Cave Insights’.

Cave Insights | Black

260 x 200 cm | Mixed media on canvas | 2016-2020

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